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Queen Of Ramsgate

If you’re like me and love surprises, then you will relish digging into this delightful Lemon Hazelnut Meringue Tart at Queens Pastri House, the crown jewel of the bountiful patisseries on Rocky Point Road in beachside Ramsgate.

Hidden underneath the hillock of torched Swiss meringue is a lime-soaked madeleine centre, which when combined with the salted caramel hazelnut praline, lime crémeux, and shortbread of the tartlette shell, is spoonful after spoonful of wonderfully creamy, zesty, and buttery flavours and textures that will make your eyes roll back in absolute ecstasy.

@kentonguesdesserts and I only recently discovered this stunning tartlette, but it’s already raced to the top of our Sydney tart chart and we will be racing back to this little gem once the weather warms up.

Author: forkingaroundsydney2000