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Bringing Breakfast Heat To The Inner West

The Fold Cafe is a new Sri Lankan-inspired cafe in inner-west Dulwich Hill which celebrates our established multiculturalism, and one of their interesting subcontinent breakfast dishes is the Appa-Appa that features one of the most well-known Sri Lankan foods: the hopper.

This dish comprises three of the beautifully made wafer-thin ‘pancakes’ (hoppers), a poached egg, two Sri Lankan hot condiments (lunumiris and seeni sambol) that packs quite the punch, and free-range chicken curry for extra bite and oomph. And while I’ve never had curry for breakfast before, this new experience was chin-dribblingly messy, textural, fun to eat, evocative, and the searing but balanced spiciness a perfect remedy for the (still) early morning chill.

Author: forkingaroundsydney