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Snitching Around MasterChef’s Reynold

Even though Reynold faltered in his attempt to be the 2020 MasterChef Australia champ, his status as this season’s dessert king is unquestionable. Delivering plate after plate of stunning desserts on the show, none captured the attention of the judges and viewers more so than the now famous Snitch.

Inspired by the flying ball used in the game of Quidditch in Harry Potter, this dessert is now available at Reynold’s signature Koi Dessert Bar in Chippendale, Reynold Poernomo pulls off the seemingly impossible, bringing the fictional object to life with the razzle-dazzle of a golden lustre and wings that glisten in the light. But it’s not just about the stunning visuals or the technical perfection, as the flavours of tonka bean, brown butter, pear yuzu, and yogurt are combined brilliantly for a tempered sweetness that’s balanced, refined, and refreshing. And alongside a wide gamut of textures and temperatures that gives smooth, crunch, warm, and cold, it’s a heavenly sweet dish that absolutely stamps Reynold’s legacy on MasterChef forever.