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Thai Dessert King

Thai cuisine isn’t renowned for their intricate and elaborate desserts, but Mango Coco Thai Dessert Cafe in Haymarket aims to change that perception with dishes such as this fantastic Egg On Nest.

Leaving you in no doubt that it’s 2020, the dessert comes with the theatrics of dry ice smoke billowing from the bowl, and there is not a hint of mango, sticky rice, or coconut in sight. What’s here is modern fusion at its most creative and quirky, with hollow mochi balls made from sweet potato, dyed black with charcoal, and filled with squirts of salted egg yolk sauce. Sitting on top of a super-crunchy sweet potato nest and complemented with fresh fruits (strawberries and blueberries) and popping pearls, it balances sweet, salty, zesty, and bitter notes with great effect and ably utilises a full gamut of textures to deliver a wonderful mouthfeel as well.

It’s a dessert that turns heads, tastes superb, and raises the bar for Thai desserts everywhere.

Author: forkingaroundsydney2000