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French Resistance

It was about time @milkylaneofficial sprinkled their brand of OTT dessert magic on the humble French toast, and this month they finally brought us the Kit Kat Gold, Reese’s & Banana French Toast.

Stuffed and topped with banana, chunks of Kit Kat Gold, and Ŕeese’s Peanut Butter then drizzled with a combination of Nutella and @cadburyaust Caramilk sauces, it has potential but its simplicity is a let-down, with the bread surprisingly plain and unexciting. And while the sweetness is there in bucketloads thanks to the big-name ingredients, the dish as a whole is more like a slapdash home experiment for eating in front of the telly rather than a creation by one of the best eateries for desserts in Sydney.

Source: @forkingaroundsydney2000