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Donut Queen

@lotusbiscoffau still the flavour of the month for anything dessert-related, we are spoilt for choice in Sydney, but not many uses it more effectively than this Biscoff Cream Burger Doughnut @l.adonuts.

It’s a relatively basic creation: a halved cinnamon doughnut sandwiching a luscious mix of Biscoff caramel and cream, and topped with more of the caramel and half a Biscoff biscuit, but it’s this simplicity that makes it work by highlighting the cinnamon-spiced flavours of the Biscoff. Better yet, the generous amount of filling ensures every bite fills the mouth with an orgasmic creaminess and gooeyness, and the caramel/biscuit topping gives a wonderfully sticky and buttery crunch that contrasts with the filling. It’s gloriously OTT, absolutely scrumptious, and the best Biscoff-inspired doughnut yet.