Unlock Free Margaritas At Sparkling Sydney Thanks To El Jimador

 PSA to all Sydney marg lovers! Watch out for the el Jimador tequila Marg Machine, serving up frozen margs at Sparkling Sydney festival on Sunday 26th November at Pirrama Park, Pirrama Road Pyrmont. 


To get your hands on one of these frozen margies, simply head to the el Jimador marg machine to redeem and use the secret password “Margs for everyone” to claim a tasty serve. You can even mix your own marg on the el Jimador Margarita bike.


Featuring el Jimador’s 100% hand-harvested blue weber agave blanco tequila from Mexico, these frozen margs are sure to help you sip back and relax this summer. 



26 Nov 2023


11:00 am - 5:00 pm

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