Register for a free arts practice workshop through a queer lens for LGTBQIA+ teens and their friends. From a queer choir to a draw’n’sip (alcohol free), deepen or pick up a new creative skill and make some authentic community connections along the way!  Workshop 1: PRIDE AND POETRY: CALL US BY OUR NAMES with Mohammad Awad. Join award winning queer artist Mohammad Awad for a masterclass in writing honest poetry and authentic storytelling, where you will learn to unearth the poems living inside you, hold them gently and release them into the world.  Prepare to enter this space with your queer and trans ancestors, finding the power in your fruity poetry and leaving with the love of your community. Have you written hundreds of poems in your journals or never picked up the pen? Doesn’t matter!!! As long as you have something to say (which you do), we welcome you. *Please note: Workshop participants are drawn from an expression of interest process for young artists seeking development and support.


16 Dec 2023


6 hours, including a 1 hour break - participants should bring their own lunch
10:00 am - 4:00 pm



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Sydney Opera House
Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000

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