Still A Stilled Life (Solo Exhibition) Christine Druitt Preston

Christine Druitt Preston’s highly anticipated second solo exhibition at Artsite Contemporary is an exploration in ephemerality, rebirth, and normality.\

A reinterpretation of the artist’s 2022 solo exhibition shown at Hazelhurst Art Centre, Still A Stilled Life hopes to provide the audience with a new lens through which to experience the known.

“Elements of the exhibition recall with nostalgia domestic life of the late 1940’s and 50’s – the post war period with its focus on modernity and the place of Australian women, like Hazel and my own mother in the home.”

“The shirt-making company that was established by Ben’s father, John Preston Broadhurst, inherited by Ben in 1936 is recalled, with shirts for Ben and his brothers Maurice and Jack. The ghostly appearance of two of the shirts reference Ben’s interest in psychic phenomena and his belief that he was in regular contact with the spirit world and his brothers who were both killed in action during WW1.”

“Sheer panels place appropriated images of children sourced from vintage colouring in books in an imagined Hazelhurst garden. Here the Broadhurst children play alongside the children we can see enjoying the playground of the Hazelhurst Art Centre of today.”

Still A Stilled Life is Christine Druitt Preston’s second solo exhibition at Artsite Contemporary Galleries from 04 February – 26 March 2023.

Exhibition Opening Event:

Sunday 5th February, 3pm – 5pm


04 Feb 2023 - 26 Mar 2023


Gallery open Thursday - Sunday, 11am - 5pm
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

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