Message Bank

You’re handed a phone, a briefcase, and the chance to listen in on the secret lives of others. But beware, the power to peek behind the curtain cuts both ways.

Message Bank combines location-based media and binaural audio with a story of intrigue, paranoia, and mischief to deliver an ambitious and innovative audio experience for Paramatta square.

For 45 minutes, audiences will be immersed into the story of Charlie, a recruit responsible for listening in on the secret lives of others. Reunions, breakups, conspiracy theories sprinkled with truth and deals done out of sight, all require the ear of Charlie to decide who amongst them is innocent and who could disrupt the peace. Audiences take on the role of Charlie as they navigate Parramatta Square to unlock stories of those around them as well as the identity of Charlie themself.


13 - 21 Jan 2023


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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