At What Cost?

Belvoir is proud to announce the highly anticipated return of the provocative and modern tragedy At What Cost? written by award-winning Trawlwoolway, pakana man Nathan Maynard. A standout of Belvoir 2022 season, At What Cost? will take the Belvoir stage for a limited time, from 4th May – 21st May, before embarking on a national tour.


In Maynard’s home state of Lutrawita (Tasmania), Boyd has been walking a tightrope – balancing responsibilities to Land and People with the simple business of making a living.


But something’s happening. Every year more and more folk are claiming to be Palawa too. Folk no-one’s heard of until now, who haven’t been ‘round before. Are they legit? Or are they ‘tick-a-box’? Who decides? And how?


If Boyd’s going to take everyone forward, they’re all going to have to go back, old mob or new, into the island’s knotty past. And they might not like what they find there…


04 May 2023

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Belvoir Street Theatre
25 Belvoir Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

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